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This documentation describes the procedures required to uninstall RecordPoint 365Connect.
There are a couple of items that cannot be undone. These include:

  • Cannot remove tenants
  • Cannot remove tables from database in the middle tier (unless you go through the database and do this manually)


  • Ensure all items have been processed out of the queue or removed; and
  • It is advised a backup of the complete farm has been completed before running any uninstallations.


Identify sites the App installed on

There is no way through the user interface to identify which sites the app is installed on. If you don’t have a list of sites, the app is installed on you can alternatively go through the database and identify which sites the event receivers are on.

  1. Note all the sites RecordPoint is install on

Uninstall from Middle-tier

  1. On the Configuration drop down select uninstall
  2. Enter each site at a time
  3. Click check status
  4. Click uninstall
  5. Repeat for each site

SharePoint Online

Remove Sites from deployment

  1. Go to O365 Admin→ SharePoint
  2. Apps
  3. App Catalogue
  4. Go to Site Contents
  5. On the RecordPoint App click Deployment
  6. Remove all site collections and save
  7. Click Trust it

Remove App from Site Contents

To remove the app from Site Contents perform the following:

  1. Go to O365 Admin→ SharePoint
  2. Apps
  3. App Catalogue
  4. Go to Site Contents
  5. Select Remove
  6. This will remove the application from the site collection.

Remove App from App catalogue

  1. Go to O365 Admin→ SharePoint
  2. Apps
  3. App Catalogue
  4. Apps for SharePoint
  5. Select delete
  6. Click ok

Unregister the App

  1. Using Windows Azure Active Directory Module for Windows PowerShell (64-bit version)
  2. Run script to unregister the RecordPoint App
$appPrincipal = Get-MsolServicePrincipal -ServicePrincipalName bb086612-341a-4064-beb0-ac1573755168
Remove-MsolServicePrincipal -ObjectId $appPrincipal.ObjectI

Uninstall 365Connect from server

  1. Uninstall RecordPoint Online msi via the control panel

RecordPoint Site

Remove Connector association

  1. In RecordPoint
  2. Go to Management settingsConnectors
  3. Remove the connector associated with 365Connect

Deactivate Feature

Once all uninstallation has been completed, the RecordPoint Online features can be disabled. To disable the features, perform the following:

  1. Go to Central Administration Application Management
  2. Click “RecordPoint Deployment and Configuration”
  3. Click on “Configuration”
  4. Choose RecordPoint web application
  5. Choose RecordPoint Site collection
  6. Uncheck “RecordPoint Online” feature.
  7. Uncheck “RecordPoint Online File Download”
  8. Click Update
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