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Release date: December 2017

The Records365 December update brings new features, enhancements and bug fixes to improve your cloud Records Management platform.


An upgrade is required to the RecordPoint SharePoint Online App for this release. For more information, see Software Upgrade.


New Features in this release

Rule, Pattern and Outcome search

To improve the experience for Records Managers when creating or modifying large file plans & rule sets, a search box has been added to the Manage Rules, Outcomes, and Patterns pages.

For more information, see Managing Outcomes, Managing Patterns and Managing Rules

View Binary from a Disposal Batch

The 'View Binary' action is now available when reviewing or approving a disposal batch, allowing easy access for Records Managers and approvers to the content being disposed.

For more information, see Managing Disposal.

Barcode Scanning Action: New Loan

A new barcode scanning action has been added to create a new file request and set it immediately to on loan, reducing overhead and complexity in managing file transfers.

The New Loan action will create a File Request for the scanned item with a status of On Loan. When performing the File Request action via barcode, the action barcode should be followed by the Location and Assignee barcodes that the file(s) is to be loaned to, then the barcodes of the file(s).

For more information, see Barcode Scanning Actions

Bulk Finalise

Records365 now supports finalising a group of records in bulk from a Saved Query. To do so, follow the steps in Saving a Query to create a saved query, then view the query by selecting it from My Record Point Settings > Saved Queries.

A ribbon action for Finalise is now present - this will queue all the records found by the saved query for finalization. A system message will be written to the dashboard when this process is complete, detailing any errors preventing records in the query from being finalised.

Please be aware that this operation can be long-running and impact queue processing when finalising many items from a Saved Query.

For more information, see Saving a Query or Bulk Finalise

Special Character support in SharePoint Online filenames

SharePoint Online has recently released support for special characters # and % in file names. Records365 now leverages the new APIs required to support these and explicitly supports submission of records containing these characters in the filename.

Record Import API can ignore permissions

Items from SharePoint Online with large sets of unique permissions (for example, as the result of heavy use of the SharePoint Online 'Sharing Link' feature) can impact record processing throughput on imports of large amounts of content. The Record Import API now accepts an optional parameter, IncludePermssions. When this is set to False, imported records will not have their permissions captured and applied to the record in RecordPoint. The default behaviour of this parameter remains set to True.

For more information, see API Support for Importing into RecordPoint Online or Configuring Security - RecordPoint.

Bugs fixed in this release

The December release includes all bugs resolved since the previous release, including:

  • Resubmission required when document moved using SharePoint Online 'Move To' modern library experience
  • Documents not correctly submitted to Records365 when copied using SharePoint Online 'Copy To' modern library experience
  • Conflicting default "Documents" document library across multiple SharePoint Online site collections
  • 'Modified By' on a Disposal Batch not correctly reflecting the user performing disposal actions
  • Incorrect display of some date fields in OData feed
  • Disposal Batch workflow issues affecting finalisation of items before disposal
  • RecordPoint Reporting Samples not displaying correctly in some environments
  • RecordPoint actions in SharePoint Online active site fail where there is an & in the List Title
  • Performance issues affecting Files with File Parts attached
  • Files added to a box using barcode scanning actions are removed if the box is resubmitted
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