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Release date: November 2017

The Records365 November update brings new features, enhancements and bug fixes to improve your cloud Records Management platform.

New Features in this release


Export to Azure Storage file service

RecordPoint now support exporting to an Azure Storage file service. This allows for flexible and secure records export to an enterprise cloud storage location.

To enable exporting to Azure Storage, enter your Storage Account details in the General Settings page.

For more information, see Exporting Records, File and Boxes.

Barcode Scanning - File Return

A new barcode scanning action has been added to return files that are on loan, reducing overhead and complexity in managing file transfers.

The Return File action will locate any File Request for the scanned item with a status of On Loan and complete the request.

For more information, see Barcode Scanning Actions

Bugs fixed in this release

The September release includes all bugs resolved since the previous release, including:

  • Able to delete item from SharePoint Online site before binary is downloaded
  • Items with & in a managed metadata column fail in mid-tier queue
  • Resubmitting Saved Query not queueing results
  • Search performance improvements
  • Search results inaccurate when special characters present
  • Permissions errors for low privilege users/groups in ADFS environment
  • OData reporting service errors in ADFS environment

Considerations for Administrators


An upgrade is required to the RecordPoint SharePoint Online App for this release. For more information, see Software Upgrade.


There are no additional requirements or considerations for the Records365 November update.

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