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RecordPoint Terminology

A glossary of RecordPoint terminology.

RecordPoint User Interface

Describes the components of the RecordPoint user interface.

Rules and Classifications

User guides on creating and managing rules and classifications.

Working with Records365

User guides on components in Records365.

Browsing and Searching Records

User guides on how to browse and search for Records in RecordPoint.

Managing Form Fields

User guides on customising form fields that are applicable on the View Item, Search and List View forms for the Record, File and Box types.

Managing NAP Deletions

User guides on performing a NAP delete in the RecordPoint and Active Site.


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Managing Disposal

User guides on performing a disposal from beginning the disposal process to completion and viewing the disposal details.

Managing Holds

User guides on managing holds for records, aggregations and multiple items.

Re-sentencing and Item

User guide on re-classifying an item.

Triaging Records

User guides on triaging and resubmitting unclassified records, errors in the queue and the RecordPoint Cache. 

Managing Non-Electronic Records

User guides on creating, managing and viewing non-electronic records and components. 

Exporting Records

User guides on exporting records. 


User guides on setting up reporting services including content types and OData reporting in RecordPoint.


User guides on security, synchronising security and Federated Identity and Single Sign-On.


User guides on bulk resubmissions, High Priority Processing and System Monitoring.

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