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Submission rules are used to control which content is managed by RecordPoint.  After initial installation RecordPoint will be monitoring the site collections but will not allow submission of any content until you setup the submission rules. 

  1. Log into your Office365 tenant. 
  2. Go to the App Catalog
  3. Site Contents
  4. Open the RecordPoint application
  5. Log in to the Middle Tier
  6. Go to Configuration -> Sites
  7. To add a Submission Rule click the 'Add' button at the bottom of the page
    1. If this is the first time you will need to enter the site collection details
    2. Enter the site collection name
    3. Enter the Submission Type
    4. Enter the Aggregation Level
    5. If Required Enter the Record Number Field
    6. Choose if you want Major and Minor Versions
    7. Enter the Public URL for RecordPoint
    8. If Required, Enter the Audit Library Url

Please note,  all submission rules are logical OR 

Examples of Submission Rules

 Submission RuleComments
Site URL

Site ‘Starts with’ https://{tenant}.com/sites/hr

RecordPoint will control the HR site and any site below this. The inputted URL should not end in a slash.
Content TypeContent Type = DocumentRecordPoint will control all Office365 content where the Content Type is equal to "Document"
List NameList name = Shared DocumentsAll libraries in all sites named "Shared Documents" will be controlled by RecordPoint
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