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RecordPoint is a SharePoint based application that enables Record Managers to manage information held within SharePoint, File Shares, Twitter, Facebook, Office 365 within a single, unified interface, in accordance with legislative requirements.


The RecordPoint application designed to be invisible to end users, and is intended to be used primarily by Records Managers. Documents are mapped between user focussed structures in SharePoint, and Records Manager focussed structures in RecordPoint via the use of rules to evaluate content from SharePoint, and associate the correct classification and retention.


Once RecordPoint has been sucessefully installed and configured you are now ready to start using RecordPoint. This Introduction will give you an oveview of using RecordPoint and understanding it's key concepts, what they mean and how these components work together to perform the functions required to effectively classify and manage content.


These components are:


The RecordPoint User Guide 3.6 takes you through not only the processes and procedures to set up these rules, but also to manage and work with Records that have been mapped to RecordPoint, and manage their eventual transfer or disposition.  



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