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By default, the RecordPoint Reporting Service will only allow queries by, and return values, of metadata values that have been added to the RecordPoint content types (Record/File/Box). When these content types are extended, they store the matching field values of the source documents in the RecordPoint Active Sites, and can then searched by and returned.


Extending the RecordPoint Types

  • Identify the fields in the RecordPoint Active Sites that you want to query by/display in RecordPoint
  • Go to the RecordPoint Site Collection
  • Go to Site Settings
  • Go to the Content Type Gallery
  • For the desired type (Record, File or Box), open the matching Content Type
  • Click 'Add Column' and add the desired column(s)
Note: If the column originates from a different site collection, add a column with the site name and field type to include the column against the RecordPoint Content Type.
  • Continue to add all desired columns to the RecordPoint Content Types

  • Once complete, go to Site Settings
  • Go to RecordPoint Storage Settings
  • Click 'Refresh Storage Content Types'

New submissions that contain the added columns will now allow these fields to be queried on and displayed in all RecordPoint browsers and the Report service.

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