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Release date: 15th February 2017

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365Connect version 1.51 brings new enhancements aimed at improving system, administrative and management processes with specific focus on performance, security, deployment, and records administrative tasks.

Changes in this version affect Active Site users, Record Management teams and System Administrators. To make the most of these updates you may wish to communicate these changes to users within your organisation and in particular any features or settings requiring action by an administrator before users can benefit from the new functionality.

These release notes are aimed at describing at a high level, the new and modified features available in this release.

  Before deploying this release, we recommend following a best practice deployment process, which includes thorough testing in a non-production environment

Feature Summary & Impacts to User Groups

New Feature: Ability to configure the permission set for performing a Finalize or Restore operation

With 365Connect a Finalize or Restore operation can be performed from the item context for documents within the SharePoint Online ecosystem. Once either of these actions are performed the executing user will be validated against the configured permission settings for their respective action. The permission set for each operation is configured in the Mid-Tier at the Site Collection level. The Finalize and Restore operations are configured independently of each other.

Deployment User Impacts

Configurations required by System AdministratorSettings to be reviewed by Records AdministratorAdditional Notes 

The permission set associated with both the Finalize and Restore operations are configured in the Mid-Tier. They are configured at the site collection level. The default value for Finalize and Restore is EditListItems.

To see more on configuration the permission set see the following article Configure permission for Finalize and Restore.


The Finalize and Restore context menu items will not be displayed\hidden based on the configured permission set.

When a user performing either a Finalize or Restore that fails to meet the permission set criteria they will receive a message saying that they do not have sufficient rights to perform the requested action.

Resolved in release

Release version v1.51 includes all bugs resolved since v1.50, including:

  • Inconsistent number of retries for queued items in the Mid-Tier, which then prevents the deletion of failed items.
  • Large number of deferred items in the Mid-Tier queue halts processing of other items.
  • RecordPoint submission polices fail to execute on documents in SharePoint Online.