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Release date: May 2017

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365Connect version 1.53 brings new enhancements aimed at improving system, administrative and management processes with specific focus on performance, security, deployment, and records administrative tasks.

Changes in this version affect Active Site users, Record Management teams and System Administrators. To make the most of these updates you may wish to communicate these changes to users within your organisation and in particular any features or settings requiring action by an administrator before users can benefit from the new functionality.

These release notes are aimed at describing at a high level, the new and modified features available in this release.

RecordPoint App upgrade requirements

This release of 365Connect is backwards compatible with the existing App.

Upgrading the App is required to resolve an issue in Office 365 where restoring a finalized and archived document may overwrite a new document if a new document created with same title is finalized and archived. If Finalize and Archive is not enabled in Office365 then there is no requirement to update the App.   

  Before deploying this release, we recommend following a best practice deployment process, which includes thorough testing in a non-production environment

Feature Summary & Impacts to User Groups


New Feature: Support for Microsoft Teams Files

RecordPoint supports record management of all documents shared within the Microsoft Teams interface.

 Deployment User Impacts

Configurations required by System Administrator
Settings to be reviewed by Records Administrator
Additional Notes 
  • RecordPoint custom actions (Finalise, Record Summary, Flag for Move etc) are not available from the Teams experience
  • 'Copy To' from Teams or from the SharePoint Online "modern" document library experience will only submit the copy to RecordPoint after it is modified.
  • 'Move To' is not supported by RecordPoint without the use of the 'Flag for Move' action.

New Feature: Deleted content in SharePoint Online marked with initiating user information

When a user deletes SharePoint Online content RecordPoint currently intercepts the operation so that it can capture the content of the record, once captured the item is then recycled.

Without access to RecordPoint, SharePoint Online content administrators can now find the identity of a user from the native Site Recycle Bin view for deleted content. This allows administrators to authorize any restore requests from end users.

Deployment User Impacts

Configurations required by System AdministratorSettings to be reviewed by Records AdministratorAdditional Notes 
Upon restoring content from the Recycle Bin the performing user will need to rename the document to its original value.-

Only content deleted at the list item or folder level is marked with the users information. Content deleted at the library\list level or above will not display the user's identity in the filename.


Resolved in release

Release version 1.53 includes all bugs resolved since version 1.52, including:

  • Items are not submitted to RecordPoint when added to a document library when the library is created from a list template.
  • Cannot Restore an item from the SharePoint Online Recycle Bin when the item belonged to a non root site collection.
  • Cannot publish an InfoPath form to a SharePoint list when RecordPoint event receivers are installed.
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