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Release date: August 2017

365Connect 1.54 brings new features, enhancements and bug fixes to improve your Office365 Records Management platform.

For guidance on installing or upgrading to 365 Connect 1.54, see Installation, Upgrade and Configuration.

New Features in this release

Record Number system update

When writing the Record Number to a SharePoint Online Active Site, RecordPoint will no longer create a new version and show 'SharePoint App' in the Modified By field.

For more information see Record Numbering.


Bugs fixed in this release

Release version 1.54 includes all bugs resolved since version 1.53, including:

  • Finalising a File containing a File Part containing a Record does not finalise the Record
  • Retry on deferred ActiveSubmitDelete item does not recreate download batch
  • Further security improvements to 365Connect communication with RecordPoint


Features deprecated in this release


"Submit" submission type deprecated

365Connect currently supports a number of submission types to capture records in RecordPoint. The most commonly used method by our customers is 'SubmitStub', which manages the record in place in SharePoint and creates a metadata ‘stub’ in RecordPoint which is linked back to the record. There is only ever one instance of the record (either stored in SharePoint or, upon Finalisation, in the RecordPoint archive).

The 'Submit' method is used by very few customers and leaves the record in SharePoint and creates a copy of the record in RecordPoint. In this scenario two instances of the record exist – one in SharePoint and one in RecordPoint. Working with our customers, our analysis showed that SubmitStub was preferred as:

  • It does not duplicate content leading to questions about which version is the ‘true record’
  • It reduces the complexity and cost of managing double the volume of content for no real reduction in risk.

From 365Connect 1.54 onwards, existing SharePoint Online sites that have been registered in the 365Connect mid-tier with the 'Submit' type will not be affected. However, new sites will not be able to register with this option. Use SubmitStub instead.

In a future release, existing sites that use 'Submit' will be migrated to 'SubmitStub'. We will provide further guidance and support for all affected customers when this takes place.

Considerations for Administrators

This release contains an upgrade to the SharePoint CSOM library. As part of the upgrade process, perform a 'Local Deployment' targeting each SharePoint server in your farm. For more information, see Local Deployment.

The new CSOM library version used by 365Connect is 16.1.6420.1200.

365Connect Release 1.54 contains some changes to the way the Web Application handles logging. Log trimming is now no longer handled by the application as this had caused performance impacts for some customers.

This means that customers hosting 365Connect in Microsoft Azure or on-premises must implement a solution to trim the size of the [dbo].[log] table in the 365Connect SQL database as over time it may grow to a large number of rows.

The size of this log table has no performance impact on the 365Connect application – this is only required to avoid the log table consuming all the available database resources over a long period of time.

If you need advice on how to configure log trimming for 365Connect, please contact and we can advise.


Before deploying this release, we recommend following a best practice deployment process, which includes thorough testing in a non-production environment.

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