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  1. 365Connect Installation
  2. Prepare for Installation
  3. Software Installation
  4. Configuring the RecordPoint Online Service
  5. Configuring the Connector in RecordPoint


This documentation describes the procedures required to install and configure RecordPoint 365Connect.

365Connect is the RecordPoint connector that enables connection of RecordPoint to a SharePoint Online tenancy via the RecordPoint App for SharePoint as shown below.

This document is intended for SharePoint Online administrators who have a sound knowledge of the following components:

  • Microsoft Azure creating and maintaining databases and websites
  • SharePoint Online admin tasks
  • Restarting services
  • PowerShell

This procedure covers the following topics:

  • Prepare for Installation - Explains how to prepare the environments required for a full installation, including planning the installation and verifying that prerequisites are met;
  • Software Installation – Explains how to install, deploy and configure the RecordPoint 365Connect software; and
  • Configuration and Validation – Explains how to configure RecordPoint 365Connect.

365Connect Architecture

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