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This script imports content from an existing Office 365 Site, Web or List by submitting the content items to the 365Connect\Records365.


  • An existing RecordPoint Installation
  • An existing RecordPoint Mid-tier set up
  • An existing Office 365 SharePoint site with 365Connect/Records365 set up, deployed and installed
  • 365Connect - The script referenced below for using the API can be found in the C:\Program Files\RecordPointOnline\Scripts folder of a RecordPoint Online installation.
  • Records365 - The script referenced below for using the API and required dlls can be found in the Records365 SDK download.

Importing into RecordPoint Online

RecordPoint provides a sample script to call the API. To run the script, perform the following:

  1. In PowerShell run RecordPointOnlineImport.ps1
    By default, this is found under C:\Program Files\RecordPointOnline\Scripts


MidTierUsername* - The username for the tenant in the RecordPoint Middle Tier
MidTierEmail* - The email address for the tenant in the RecordPoint Middle Tier
MidTierPassword - The password for the tenant in the RecordPoint Middle Tier
ServiceUrl* - The Url of the RecordPoint Middle Tier
WebUrl* - The Url of the SharePoint site being imported
ListTitle - The ListName being targeted for Import when the Scope is List.
Context* - The starting point of the Import, either Site, Web or List
UserName* - The username of the account that has access to the SharePoint site
Password - The password of the user account
ForceSubmission - When True, RecordPoint will submit the item regardless of the previous submission state. This parameter defaults to TRUE.
CompleteQueuedImport - When True, the process uses the files created from the last Parsing process, else a Parse operation will occur again. This parameter defaults to FALSE
ScriptMode - Either "Interactive" or "NonInteractive". Interactive prompts for parameters, where as NonInteractive expects parameters to be supplied
LogToFile - When True, all events are saved to a LogFile. This parameter defaults to TRUE
LogToScreen - When True, all events displayed on screen inline, else events are displayed in a progress window above the script. This parameter defaults to FALSE
IncludePermissions - When True, all permissions from the SharePoint Online site are included on the item when imported to RecordPoint. Setting this to FALSE may improve mid-tier performance at the expense of these permission sets not being captured by RecordPoint. This parameter defaults to TRUE.
C:\PS> .\RecordPointOnlineImport.ps1  -MidTierUsername "<Username" -MidTierEmail "<EmailAddress>" -MidTierPassword "<Password>" -ServiceUrl "https://<ServiceUrl>/" -WebUrl "https://<SharePointUrl/Site/SubSite>/" -ListTitle "ListName" -Context List -UserName "<UserName>" -ForceSubmission $false -CompleteQueuedImport $false