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This article provides a quick guide for administrators on how to move content that is under records management with RecordPoint and 365Connect in Office 365.

To ensure the integrity of a record, RecordPoint must be aware of move operations prior to the beginning of the move. This guide assists administrators in preparing RecordPoint for moving content within the Office 365, while keeping the same record identifier and record related metadata.


During a move operation SharePoint does not fire specific events that enable RecordPoint to easily know that a move operation is taking place.

SharePoint only fires an add event and in the case of move followed by an additional delete event. Given these sequence of events the challenge is to determine when an add is performing for the creation of new content or when it is performed as part of a copy or move operations.

Content can be copied or moved at either the document level or the folder\document set level via drag and drop or Content and Structure. RecordPoint supports both mechanisms.


  • An existing RecordPoint Installation
  • An existing RecordPoint Mid-tier set up
  • An existing Office 365 SharePoint site with 365Connect/Records365 set up, deployed and installed
  • The RecordPoint Online package is to be installed on the client machine where this process is being executed.

  • The samples assume that the SharePoint CSOM is installed on the client machine where this process is being executed.

  • 365Connect - The script referenced below for using the API can be found in the C:\Program Files\RecordPointOnline\Scripts folder of a RecordPoint Online installation.
  • Records365 - The script referenced below for using the API and required dlls can be found in the Records365 SDK download.


In order to maintain the integrity of the records in RecordPoint, the content needs to be flagged for move before moving it with the Content and Structure tool or drag and drop feature.

When moving an aggregate of content, folder or document set, all contained documents also need to be flagged for move.

To flag an item for move the following RecordPoint script is to be called with the appropriate parameters. RecordPointOnlineSetMoveFlag.ps1

For example

When moving an aggregate of content, itself and all of its contained content needs to be flagged for move. The below sample illustrates how this can be achieved

Note: To use the above sample a reference to the following CSOM assemblies is required

  • Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.dll
  • Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Runtime.dll

Once the relevant items have been flagged for move then the content can be moved. It is not necessary to remove the flag once the move operation has been completed.