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A system administrator can now queue a specified document into the RecordPoint mid-tier queue via a web service.


  • An existing RecordPoint Installation
  • An existing RecordPoint Mid-tier set up
  • An existing Office 365 SharePoint site with 365Connect/Records365 set up, deployed and installed
  • 365Connect - The script referenced below for using the API can be found in the C:\Program Files\RecordPointOnline\Scripts folder of a RecordPoint Online installation.
  • Records365 - The script referenced below for using the API and required dlls can be found in the Records365 SDK download.

Queuing a document

The Systems Administrator can initiate the submission of a specified document with a specified submission type.

The following submission types are supported

  • SubmitFinalise
  • SubmitFinaliseArchive
  • Submit
  • SubmitStub
  • SubmitRestoreFinalised
  • SubmitRestoreFinalisedArchive

RecordPoint provides a sample script to call the API. To run the script, perform the following:

  1. In PowerShell run RecordPointOnlineSubmitItem.ps1
    By default, this is found under C:\Program Files\RecordPointOnline\Scripts


Username* - The username as entered to login to the RecordPoint Middle Tier 
Email* - The email as entered to login to the RecordPoint Middle Tier 
Password* - The password as entered to login to the RecordPoint Middle Tier 
ServiceUrl* - The URL of the RecordPoint Middle Tier
SubmissionType* - The submission type to carry out on the item
Input is limited to "Submit", "SubmitStub", "SubmitFinalise", "SubmitFinaliseArchive", "SubmitRestoreFinalised", "SubmitRestoreFinalisedArchive"
The API only supports the queueing of electronic documents.
Only those users with access to the document specified can perform this action.
Finalise-based submissions adhere to the site's Finalise Type configuration in the Middle Tier; any submission types entered that deviate from the Finalise Type configuration will be automatically corrected when the submission queue item is added to the Middle Tier queue
WebUrl* - The URL of SharePoint Online site where the record to be submitted resides
ListName* - The name of the list where the record to be submitted resides
ItemId* - The Id of the record to be submitted
Owner* - The username of the end user who is submitting the document
C:\PS> .\RecordPointOnlineSubmitItem.ps1 -Username "<Username>" -Email "<EmailAddress>" -Password "<Password>" -ServiceUrl "https://<ServiceUrl>/" -SubmissionType "<"Submit"|"SubmitStub"|"SubmitFinalise"|"SubmitFinaliseArchive"|"SubmitRestoreFinalised"|"SubmitRestoreFinalisedArchive">" -WebUrl "https://<SharePointUrl>/sites/<SiteName>/" -ListName "ListName" -ItemId "ItemId" -Owner "<Owner>"