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This script triggers a Content Update for a RecordPoint 365Connect Middle Tier. This should be run after a new version has been installed.


  • An existing RecordPoint Installation
  • An existing RecordPoint Mid-tier set up
  • An existing Office 365 SharePoint site with 365Connect/Records365 set up, deployed and installed
  • 365Connect - The script referenced below for using the API can be found in the C:\Program Files\RecordPointOnline\Scripts folder of a RecordPoint Online installation.
  • Records365 - The script referenced below for using the API and required dlls can be found in the Records365 SDK download.

Importing into RecordPoint Online

RecordPoint provides a sample script to call the API. To run the script, perform the following:

  1. In PowerShell run RecordPointOnlineContentUpgrade.ps1
    By default, this is found under C:\Program Files\RecordPointOnline\Scripts


RecordPointUrl* - The URL of the RecordPoint Site
ServiceUrl* - The URL of the RecordPoint Middle Tier
Update* - The name of the update to run. Valid values: SetFileManagerStorageIds
C:\PS> .\RecordPointOnlineContentUpdate.ps1 -RecordPointUrl "http://<RPUrl>/" -ServiceUrl "https://<ServiceUrl>/" -Upate SetFileManagerStorageIds