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Deleting document aggregates, folders, document sets, libraries and sites, is now supported by RecordPoint. At time of deletion, the content for nested items will also be captured by RecordPoint. For example, when a user deletes a folder, all folders and their contents that are managed by RecordPoint will be captured.

Enabling Controlled Container Delete support

  1. Go to Central Admin
  2. Application Management
  3. RecordPoint Deployment and Configuration
  4. Configuration
  5. Select RecordPoint Web Application and Site Collection
  6. Click Next
  7. Select RecordPoint Online File Download
  8. Click Update

Deleting items in Office365

When deleting an aggregate of content within Office365, be it folders, document sets, libraries or sites, please note the following behaviour:

  • Only items being managed by RecordPoint will be captured at time of delete.
  • All contained content being managed by RecordPoint will be captured.
  • Only once all items have been captured by RecordPoint will the Office 365 content be removed.