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Creating a rule from an unclassified record provides the ability to create specific patterns unique to the record selected.

Create a new rule

  1. In RecordPoint, navigate to the Records and select Record Browser or Unclassified
  2. Perform a search and select a record to create a rule from
  3. From the RecordPoint ribbon menu, select Create Rule
  4. A New Rule form will appear
  5. Provide a title for this rule, it is recommended that a descriptive title is provided
  6. Select the pattern(s) to associate to this rule by using the item check box or select Add New Pattern to specify a pattern for this record
    1. In the New Pattern screen;
    2. Provide a title for this pattern
    3. Select the Pattern Type you wish to create for this rule and record
    4. Select an operator
    5. In the Pattern field, RecordPoint will provide the metadata value for the selected pattern type for this record
    6. Click Save
  7. Back on the New Rule form
  8. To provide a priority for this rule, select the Override Priority check box
    1. Then provide a value in the Priority field (see article on Setting Rule Priorities)
  9. Select an Outcome to associate to this rule by using the item check box (Only one outcome can be associated to a rule)
  10. Ensure the Enabled check box is selected if you wish to enable this rule on save
  11. Click Save
  12. Click Close to exit this form