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  1. Go to O365 Admin→ Admin Center
  2. SharePoint→ Apps
  3. App Catalogue
  4. Go to Site Contents
  5. Select RecordPoint Application
  6. Global Settings
  7. Click to download the current version of the Record Summary xsl
  8. Modify xsl to include required fields see below for available fields that can be added
    If you wish to include the Finalise date to the record summary, then append the following after the last </tr> and before the </tbody>

    Adding Finalise Date to Record Summary
    --...</tr> don't include this line
    		<td width="165px" class="dlg-formlabel" noWrap="nowrap" vAlign="top">
    			Finalise Date
    		<td width="335px" class="dlg-formbody" noWrap="nowrap" vAlign="top">
    			<xsl:value-of select="//MetaData[Name='FinaliseDate']/Value"/>
    --..</tbody> don't include this line
  9. Save new xsl
  10. Go back to the Global Settings page (step 6)
  11. On Record Summary 
  12. Click Choose File
  13. Locate updated xsl
  14. Click Save

Form fields available to add to Record Summary

  • Record State
  • Record Status
  • Record Number
  • Record Type
  • Disposal Action
  • Disposal Action Due
  • Record Format
  • Container
  • Record Classification
  • FinaliseType
  • FinaliseDate