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RecordPoint provides the ability to manage non-electronic content and hybrid files. To get started, we recommend that the following configurations and settings are performed prior to managing non electronic content in RecordPoint. 

Content types

RecordPoint provides default content types for managing Non Electronic records, files and boxes. Custom content types inheriting from these should be created for your organisation. 

Custom barcode labels

For new content types, custom barcode label templates should also be created

Locations & Assignees

Create locations and assignee lists for managing file requests and scanning processes

External barcode values

Optional: If your organisation is using external barcode values, this field should be configured for the applicable content type. By default, the barcode feature is enabled during deployment. 

RecordPoint Ribbon

Enable the RecordPoint ribbon for the active site being managed. Certain functionality relating to Non Electronic Content will not be accessible to active site users if the RecordPoint ribbon is not enabled. These include; the ability to create Hybrid Files, requests for files and file parts.

 Next Steps: RecordPoint provides the ability to perform non electronic content imports for the following record types; record, file and box.