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The Business Classification Scheme is used to describe common business functions and activities. The number of levels within the scheme can vary depending on level of detail and how the scheme will be used. Generally the structure of the scheme is hierarchical, moving from general to specific. Each function has activities that are related to it and each activity might have categories of transactions specific to the activity.

For public sector organizations these are usually defined, managed, and provided as guidance by the public records office for the particular jurisdiction.

The Term Store refers to the database in which managed metadata is stored, by configuring this you are defining the database used by RecordPoint, the Term Group and Set therefore refer to the collection of related terms.

Examples of Business Classification Terms


Before you create or modify the term store, the Managed Metadata Service must be configured.

Creating Terms

Classification terms should be associated to a RecordPoint outcome before it can be used for creating rules.

To create a new term

  1. In RecordPoint, from the Rules Manager menu,
  2. Select Manage Term Store (this will redirect you to the Central Administration Term Store)
  3. In Term Store Management
  4. Click to expand the top level node of the RecordPoint Term Group
  5. Under the term group or node where a new term is required, right click and select “Create Term”
  6. Provide a name for the new term and click enter

Update and Synchronise the Term set after any changes to the Term Store

  1. In RecordPoint, navigate to Management and select Settings
  2. Select Pack Settings
  3. Select the Term Set for RecordPoint and Update
  4. Under Synchronise the term set, click Synchronise