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How to create a manual classification field and manually classify a document

In order to manually classify a document a manual classification field has to be created, this can be done by creating a managed metadata column from the active site. 

The classification scheme used to classify content from the active site is the same schema defined during the installation process. Manually classifying a document means the document will be processed through the retention schedule (outcome) as defined by the classification. From a RecordPoint perspective, a manually classified item will pass through to the outcome.

Note: To create or configure site columns you must be a Site Collection Administrator. You must have the Manage Lists permission level to create columns for lists or libraries.


To complete a manual classification from the active site.

The following 3 steps must be performed

  1. Create a list or library column
  2. Adding the defined Classification Set for RecordPoint
  3. Adding an item to the library or list and selecting the classification term

Create a manual classification field

Create a list or library column

From the Active Site:

  1. Go to the list or library where you want to create the column
  2. On the list or library tab of the ribbon, click List Settings or Library settings, as appropriate
  3. In the columns section, click Create Column
  4. On the Create Column page, in the Name and Type section, enter the name of the column (e.g. Classification)

Adding the Classification Set

  1. In the Type of information in this column is section, choose Managed Metadata
  2. In the Term Set Settings
  3. Select Use a managed term set and perform a search for the Term Set defined for RecordPoint
  4. Expand the Term Group and select the anchor point for the Term Set
  5. Click OK to complete
  6. A new classification column is now created.

Manually classify a document

  1. Add a new document in the library where the new column has been created
  2. In the Edit document pop up, under Classification (or the name given to the library column)
  3. Perform a search for the classification you wish to assign to this document
  4. The classification pop up will appear, highlight the term required and click Select
  5. Click OK then click Save to complete this action

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