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Labels for Physical Boxes, Files and Records can be generated and printed from a Saved Search. A new command, 'Labels', is available from the 'Saved Queries' page, and the resulting label file will be available in the 'System Messages' area on the RecordPoint home page when complete.


  1. Have a saved query to generate labels for
  2. For information on performing a saved query see Saving a Query

Generating Bulk Labels

  1. From the Saved Search Page, select Non Electronic Content to generate labels for
  2. In the Actions ribbon tab there is a group called Non Electronic
  3. In the Non Electronic group there is a button called Labels
  4. Click Labels

    Electronic items returned from the saved search are ignored and if any item fails during generation of the label, an error will be logged.
  5. A message will be displayed "The label generation request has been queued, a system notification message will be generated once the request has been completed."
  6. The generated label file is to be stored in a drop location that is accessible from a browser.
  7. A system message is to be written that will appear in the Alerts view once the file has been generated.
  8. The system message includes the following: 
    • Title of Label Generation
    • Link to the generated label file.
    • No solution text
    • Details text of  "Labels generated for saved search [ <saved search name>] completed."
    • Category of General
    • Severity of Information