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Custom content types for Non Electronic records, files and boxes can be created in RecordPoint. Firstly the content type needs to be created for the site and added to the RecordPoint Physical List.
Note: For each new content type created, it is necessary to associate a new custom barcode label with the content type. Refer to RecordPoint Label Templates.

Create a new content type

  1. In RecordPoint, Settings
  2. Under Web Designer Galleries
  3. Select Site content types
  4. Click Create
  5. Provide a name and description for this content type
  6. From the Parent Content Type from drop down - Select RecordPoint Non Electronic
  7. If creating specific Record, File or Box Content type then select type under Parent content type 
  8. From the Existing Group drop down - Select RecordPoint Non Electronic
  9. Click OK to create new Non electronic content type

Adding the new content type to the Physical Type list

  1. In RecordPoint, navigate to Site Contents
  2. Select the Physical Type list for the new content type created 
    The available options are: Physical Box Type, Physical File Type and Physical Record Type. Select one that is most suited to the content type created.
  3. Then from List ribbon, under the Settings group select List Settings
  4. Under Content Types, select 'Add from existing site content types'
  5. From the Available Site Content Type list, select the content type created earlier
  6. Click Add
  7. Click OK
  8. Navigate back to RecordPoint Non Electronic Content Types from the menu (Management→ Settings)
  9. Then select Non Electronic Content Types
  10. Select the Non Electronic Type to add to by clicking the title (Physical Record Types, Physical File Types or Physical Box Types).
  11. In the Physical Type selected, navigate to the Items ribbon and in the New Item drop down menu select the new content type created
  12. Provide a title for this Content Type
  13. Click Save

Refreshing the Content Types in RecordPoint

  1. In RecordPoint, navigate to Management Settings
  2. Select Storage Settings
  3. Select "Refresh" on Refresh the Content Types for RecordPoint

Publishing Content Types to the Active Site

This will occur when the RecordPoint Active Daily Tasks Timer Job is run which by default is set to daily. To run this process immediately follow these steps.

  1. Log into the Central Administration
  2. Select Monitoring
  3. Select Job Definitions
  4. Select  ‘RecordPoint Active Daily Tasks Timer Job [http://your-sharepoint]’
  5. Select Run now