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RecordPoint now has the ability to manage content in OneDrive for Business to enable records management compliance to be maintained across the entire organisation.

When targeting a large number of OneDrive sites to be managed by RecordPoint, manual installation is not practical.

To assist RecordPoint provides the option to perform deployment of RecordPoint to OneDrive sites via script. This batch deployment process is outlined in this document.

When using OneDrive for Business RecordPoint sets the aggregation level for OneDrive for content at the Site level, which equates to an individual user’s OneDrive.


  • An existing RecordPoint Installation
  • An existing RecordPoint Mid-tier set up
  • An existing Office 365 SharePoint site with 365Connect/Records365 set up, deployed and installed
  • 365Connect - The script referenced below for using the API can be found in the C:\Program Files\RecordPointOnline\Scripts folder of a RecordPoint Online installation.
  • Records365 - The script referenced below for using the API and required dlls can be found in the Records365 SDK download.

RecordPointOnlineInstallEventReceivers script

The system administrator will be able to install RecordPoint event receivers to one or more OneDrive sites using the RecordPointOnlineInstallEventReceivers.ps1 which forms part of the installation package.

This process is equivalent of running the Install in the Middle teir.

To run the script, perform the following:

  1. Navigate to C:\ProgramFiles\RecordPointOnline\Scripts)
  2. Run as Administrator the RecordPointOnlineInstallEventReceivers.ps1
  3. Enter Parameters
  4. PS C:\Program Files\RecordPointOnline\Scripts>
At the time of writing RecordPoint functionality in OneDrive for Business can only be accessed using the Classic mode of document libraries view.
Username* - The username as entered to login to the RecordPoint Middle Tier 
Email* - The email as entered to login to the RecordPoint Middle Tier 
Password* - The password as entered to login to the RecordPoint Middle Tier 
ServiceUrl - The Url of the RecordPoint Middle Tier.
InstallSiteUrl - The Url of the SharePoint Online site to install event receivers to.
AppUrl - The Url of the RecordPoint Application. Can be found in the middle tier.
.\RecordPointOnlineInstallEventReceivers.ps1 -Username "<Username>" -Email "<EmailAddress>" -Password "<Password>" -ServiceUrl "" -InstallSiteUrl "" -AppUrl ""

Next Step: Creating a managed Office 365 Site via API

Creating a managed Site only can be done when the Install has been completed. This can also be performed via a web service, see article “API Support for creating a managed Office 365 Site in the RecordPoint middle teir”.