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Record Administrators have the ability to see items that have not been processed in the queue and be given feedback on the issue so that appropriate action can be taken to rectify the issue and item can be reprocessed.

Error items captured in the Queue

RecordPoint captures the following errors in the queue when:

  • a container could not be disposed due to an active item
  • error occurred when disposing a batch
  • a file is not finalised
  • error occurred when creating a new SharePoint site
  • error occurred when creating a SharePoint database
  • error occurred when trying to perform an export
  • error occurred when performing an unsupported submission process
  • error occurred when an item cannot be processed in the queue

Manage Queues

All queues for both RecordPoint and the Active sites are managed through the RecordPoint UI. To manage the queue complete the following:

  1. Go to the RecordPoint site
  2. Click on Management--> Settings
  3. Click on Manage Queues

Available Queue Actions

When managing a queue there are 3 actions that can be completed on the failed item. They are:

  • Delete - this will remove the item from the queue
  • Retry - this will reprocess the item
  • Open Active Site - this will open the relevant active site

Help topics available for queue errors

  • Unable to dispose file
  • Unable to finalise record
  • Unable to create the Site
  • Unable to create the Database
  • Unable to dispose batch
  • Unable to export
  • Submission error
  • Unable to process queue item