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Holds are released when the matter requiring the hold order has been resolved, and all records subject to the hold can resume their normal disposition schedules.

By placing an item on hold it will suspend the item's disposition until it is no longer managed by any holds. Begin by creating a new Hold Type. 

Adding New Hold Types

Another way of adding a new hold type in RecordPoint:

  1. From the Disposal Menu, Select Holds
  2. Select Add New Item
  3. A RecordPoint Holds pop up form will appear
  4. Provide a Title and Description for this hold. Also if applicable, enter in Managed By the user who manages the hold
  5. Click Save

Adding a new hold to records

In RecordPoint:

  1. Navigate to the Record Browser or Record Search to locate records to be placed on hold
    • To easily search for these records again, perform a Save Query
  2. From the list of records, check the tick box for records to be placed on hold
  3. From the RecordPoint ribbon, under the Disposal Actions group
  4. Select Manage Holds
  5. A Manage Holds pop up form will appear
  6. If holds have not been set for these records previously, you can create one by clicking Add New Hold otherwise go to step 11
  7. Populate the details of this hold
  8. Click Save
  9. Click Add hold
  10. Select the hold from the drop down
  11. 11. Click Save

Removing a hold from a record

In RecordPoint:

  1. Perform a Search or Browse to locate records on hold
    • Note: If performing a Search add search property Record Status

    • Search for Record Status = OnHold
  2. Select the records to be removed from hold
  3. From the RecordPoint Ribbon, under the Disposal Actions group
  4. Click Manage Holds
  5. Select Remove from Hold and from the drop down select the hold to be removed from the record set
  6. Insert comments in relation to this removal
  7. Click Save
  8. The hold is now removed from the selected records