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Release date: March 2017

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RecordPoint for SharePoint version 4.03 brings new enhancements aimed at improving system, administrative and management processes with specific focus on performance, security, deployment, and records administrative tasks.

Changes in this version affect Active Site users, Record Management teams and System Administrators. To make the most of these updates you may wish to communicate these changes to users within your organisation and in particular any features or settings requiring action by an administrator before users can benefit from the new functionality.

These release notes are aimed at describing at a high level, the new and modified features available in this release. 

  Before deploying this release, we recommend following a best practice deployment process, which includes thorough testing in a non-production environment

Feature Summary & Impacts to User Groups

New Feature: Updated Reporting Samples

Deployment User Impacts

Configurations required by System AdministratorSettings to be reviewed by Records AdministratorAdditional Notes 
The new samples will need to be updated to reference the correct OData feed URL.The new samples for PowerBI and PowerQuery can be downloaded from the Reporting area in RecordPoint. Additional information for configuring RecordPoint Reporting can be found here. OData Reporting Service

New Feature: Ability to use a custom field for scanning operations

Deployment User Impacts

Configurations required by System AdministratorSettings to be reviewed by Records AdministratorAdditional Notes 
  An alternative field can be used for scanning actions, the fields is to be configured on the General Settings Page. When items cannot be found using the newly configured field a search will be performed using the in built barcode field.

Resolved in release

Release version 4.03 includes all bugs resolved since version 4.02, including:

  • File browser does not reflect changes on recently edited files
  • After finalise archive all versions, view binary returns incorrect version
  • Access denied error display for users carrying out a disposal approval
  • Audit entry does not contain user details when finalizing non electronic records
  • Content cannot be classified by ActiveDeleteSubmit workflow type
  • Cannot delete a document set within a picture library, when that document set contains or contained picture files.
  • Items with a column named "Record Number" on the Active Site cannot be correctly added to disposal batches
  • Mandatory field validation inconsistent on non electronic records management forms for Date Time fields.
  • Bulk Edit mandatory form fields incorrectly validated
  • Stamp down classification does not work with File Parts
  • Error displayed when viewing reporting samples when SSRS was not configured.
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