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How to save a query for re-use after performing a search or browse action

Saved queries can be used to perform the same search over and over again without needing to reset the criteria.

Note: In order to use a Saved Queries, you must already have one previously saved

To set up a Saved Query, firstly perform one of the following:

  • Search by Record, File or Box Using Properties 
  • Browse by Record, File or Box Using Facets

To Save this Query

  1. Select the RecordPoint tab from the Ribbon
  2. Click Save Query
  3. Provide a Title, Description and Category
  4. Click Save

To Manage Saved Queries

  1. In RecordPoint, navigate to the user menu and select the My RecordPoint Settings
  2. Under Saved Queries, you can select from the drop down menu a previously Saved Query
  3. From here, the Title, Description and Category can be updated or the entire Saved Query can be deleted