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Permissions to view records and perform Records Management tasks in RecordPoint are managed by SharePoint groups (for more detail, see Configuring Security - RecordPoint).

To simplify management of RecordPoint permissions, Active Directory (AD) and Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) groups can be added to these SharePoint groups (either the default RecordPoint groups, or custom groups in RecordPoint).


When adding new groups, the RecordPoint permissions must be synchronized to the RecordPoint storage sites from the RecordPoint Settings > Synchronize Permissions page.

Each group that needs to be synchronized (for example, when adding a new AD group to a RecordPoint group) must be selected using the checkbox on the right hand side of the Synchronize Permissions page, then click 'Update'.

Adding Active Directory (AD) and Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) user groups to RecordPoint

This is the recommended approach for managing RecordPoint permissions.

When adding either AD or ADFS groups to groups in RecordPoint, synchronization only needs to be performed once. When new users are then added to these AD or ADFS groups, no further action is required.

Adding SharePoint users to RecordPoint groups

When adding SharePoint users to RecordPoint groups, synchronization will need to performed every time a user or group is added or updated. This approach is not recommended.