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<h2 class="color-light-blue" style=" text-align: left; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;padding-top:40; padding-bottom:10px;">Installing RecordPoint Reporting Prerequisites 3.8</h2>
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In order to build and display RecordPoint Reports in the Report Centre, SQL Reporting Services needs to be installed on the Web Front Ends, the SharePoint Reporting Services Add-in needs to be installed and configured, as well as Microsoft Report builder. After installing and configuring the software below, you will be ready to build custom reports to query the RecordPoint Report Service, as well as view reports that have been created in the Reports section of the RecordPoint site. Please note that there are two different processes to following when installing Microsoft Reporting Services to either a 2010 or a 2013 SharePoint environment.



Applies to 
RecordPoint Version3.3
RecordPoint Version3.4