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  1. From within the file you want to Finalise/Finalise Archive--> select the RecordPoint tab--> select Finalise file.
  2. This will Finalising/Finalising Archive the file and all records contained within that file.
    Note: the type of finalise that will be applied will depend on the configuration in the general settings
  3. Create an Information Management Policy with a retention policy. The Retention policy feature lets you define retention stages, with an action that happens at the end of each stage i.e. start a workflow (Finalise or Finalise Archive).
    For more information on how to create and apply information management policies refer to Microsoft TechNet article.

Finalising Minor Versions

By default, the 'Warning' option is set for the behaviour for the RecordPoint Finalise of minor versions.
When submitting minor versons there are three options that can occur. They are:
  • Publish drafts - When a draft exists the draft will be published to a major version.
  • Revert drafts - When a draft exists the draft will be discarded and the last major version submitted.
  • Warning - A warning notifying the user will appear and the finalisation will fail.

Configuring Finalise for Minor Versions

  1. In the Active Site
  2. Go to Site Settings→ General Settings
  3. For 'Set the RecordPoint Finalise behaviour for minor versions', select either:
    1. Publish drafts
    2. Revert drafts
    3. Warning
  4. Select Update

Restoring records and files that have been finalise and finalise archived