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HPP enables administrative targeting of specific RecordPoint queues for priority processing. Once enabled the targeted queue is processed in parallel, significantly lowering processing time for that queue.

This administrative option enables queue targeting for increased throughput for that queue on demand.

Only one queue may be high priority at any one time. This feature is not enabled by default.

Enabling the feature

Enabling the feature for Active Site

  1. In the Active Site:
  2. Go to Site Settings→ General Settings
  3. Click Enable on “High Priority Processing”

Enabling this Feature for Connectors

  1. In the RecordPoint Site:
  2. Go to Site Settings→ Connectors
  3. Check “Enable High Priority Processing” box
  4. Note: Enabling high priority processing for this connector will disable it for all other connectors.
  5. Click Save

Viewing current enabled HHP Queues

  1. In the RecordPoint site:
  2. Go to Management→ Settings
  3. Select Manage Queues
  4. In this view the queue that has HHP enabled will be checked
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