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Solution Deployment

Ensure all 3 solutions have been deployed successfully
  1. Central Admin
  2. System Settings
  3. Manage Farm Solutions
  4. Check that all solutions have been deployed
IIS reset Completed on all servers
Timer Job restart Completed on all servers

Farm Installation Status

Check for all green indicators
  1. Central Admin
  2. Monitoring
  3. RecordPoint Farm Installation Status

System Errors

Ensure there are no new system errors being logged in RecordPoint
  1. Go to the RecordPoint site
  2. Settings icon and click Site contents
  3. RecordPoint system messages
  4. Confirm there are no messages added from the time of the upgrade to date

Welcome to RecordPoint

Ensure search is initialized with no errors. Check that a new record has been added to RecordPoint titled “Welcome to RecordPoint”
  1. Go to the RecordPoint site
  2. Management  Search Settings
  3. Initialize Search
  4. When complete, go to Records  Record Browser

Full crawl completed

Ensure full crawl for RecordPoint has been completed successfully with no errors
  1. Central Admin
  2. Application Management
  3. Manage Service Applications
  4. Search service application
  5. Content Source
Metadata properties added to Search Validate all the RecordPoint managed metadata properties have been added to the search properties 
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